I’m determined to get the most out of this COVID Quarantine we’re all in so have decided to tackle a few projects. The hope is that when we come out the other side I’ll be feeling pretty good about what I managed to accomplish in an otherwise shitty situation.

Popping the ideas here so there’s some level of accountability.

1. Grow our Coaching Program

Bob and I now have a Python Coaching Program that we take absolute pride in. This program has literally changed lives. This has to be the most satisfying thing I’ve accomplished in my life, second only to having a family.

My goal is to contiue growing this program. Specifically, I intend on improving my copy writing for ads and marketing campaigns by just doing it more often.

I can’t forget about word of mouth though. As described in Contagious by Jonah Berger, nothing helps spread faith in a product like the word of someone they trust. This is an exciting one, thinking of ways to spread the good word! We’re really helping people so I can’t wait to do this.

2. Give the house a makeover

This sounds so generic and is likely on everyone’s to-do list at some point. We’ve always put it down to having kids but we’ve never really gone through too much effort to make this house ours and feel homely. We don’t have any feature walls, no artwork that means something to us, nothing “custom”.

The only real things we have decorating the walls are photos of the kids and some family/mates.

A few items to look into are:

3. Repurpose my home server

I have a QNAP NAS that’s been sitting there for years doing pretty much nothing but serving as a backup store for my Windows PC. It’s also a secondary backup of our files and photos but with the price of cloud storage going down, I think the safer bet for that data is to keep it in Dropbox or Google Photos.

After moving the existing data to its new home I’m thinking I should wipe the drives, create some new volumes and come up with something extra to do with it over just the Windows backups.

4. Learn OpenCV

I’ve purchased an amazing intro to opencv by Adrian Rosebrock that I can’t wait to dig through. As with everything though this needs a concerted effort to do, it’s not a “pick up for 5 minutes” kind of book.

Once I get a better handle on the business commitments this will be my gift to myself to satisfy my technical needs.

5. Organise the garage

This needs to be its own topic! I have yet to get one of those tall metal cupboards/shelving units for my garage to put all of my liquids on (ha!). Petrol, sprays, oils, pesticides, you know what I mean.

I need wall storage like peg boards for my tools. I need a proper work bench. This way overdue!

There’s a lot to do! Just a matter of dedicating the funds and the time. Time to get to work.