Thought it was time to make a few changes.

  1. I’m deprecating my old blog,, as I just don’t blog on it anymore. I also found the 3-pillar style wasn’t my thing anymore. I just want a general blog that I can post on.

  2. Keeping with simplicity and speed, I’m now running the blog on Github Pages. Working on PyBites, I’ve come to love writing in vim and just git pushing armarkdown articles. I’m not using Pelican this time though and am trying Jekyll instead.

  3. I’ll be migrating my old articles from techmoneykids over to this new one as time permits. They’re still something I want to remember! Also curious to see how difficult it’ll be to migrate them from the wordpress ‘style’ to markdown. Should be an interesting challenge!

  4. The biggest change is the domain I’d say! I’m moving over to having my name as the URL instead! I’ve grown a lot over the past few years and using my own name feels a lot more “me” than anything else. Sounds ridiculous writing that out, of course it’s more “me”!

  5. Looking forward to playing with some new themes too!

Onward, let’s do it.